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Frisking Car Passengers. Norman v. State

Brief Brief.  Norman v. State, 452 Md. 373 (2017). Issue:  Court of Appeals held that a police officer lacked reasonable articulate suspicion to search a car passenger, despite a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the car. Quotes:  Quote 1: … Continue reading

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Other Crimes Evidence and Witnesses. Sessoms v. State.

Brief Brief. Sessoms v. State, 357 Md. 274 (2000). Issue: The test for admitting other crimes evidence, under Maryland Rule 5-404,  does not apply to other crimes or wrongs committed by anyone other than defendant. Quote: “We hold that the … Continue reading

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Quick Reference of Impeachable Offenses

Quick Reference of Impeachable Offenses Note:  This list is not all inclusive.  The list incorporates selected items (indicated by “*”) from A Reference Chart of Impeachable and Non-Impeachable Offenses. (The Western Maryland Law Journal, Vol. 1. No. 1. 1998, page 66 … Continue reading

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Motion to Dismiss Due to Speedy Trial

Motion to Dismiss Due to Speedy Trial Below is a redacted argument section from a motion to dismiss due to Speedy Trial.  It was drafted in 2014 by Paul J. Notarianni. Argument The charging document in this matter ought to … Continue reading

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Victim Impact Statement. Ball v. State

Brief Brief.  Ball v. State, 347 Md. 156 (1997) Issue:  Victim impact statements and their limits. Quotes:  “The impact of a crime on a victim or the victim’s family is both relevant and probative. (citing Evans v. State, 333 Md. … Continue reading

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When Traffic Stop = Seizure. Ferris v. State

Brief Brief: Ferris v. State 355 Md. 356 (1999) Issue:  What constitutes a seizure, under the Fourth Amendment, during a traffic stop. Quotes: “The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, including seizures that involve only a brief detention. … Continue reading

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Traffic Stop for Window Tint. Turkes v. State

Brief Brief:  Turkes v. State, 199 Md. App. 96 (2011) Issue:  When does a perceived violation of window tint regulation give rise to reasonable articulate suspension to support a traffic stop? Quotes: “When an officer observes a vehicle that is … Continue reading

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