Quick Reference: Case Search Codes


This quick reference guide is to some of the most common Maryland Judiciary Case Search System abbreviations.  This quick reference is not produced by or affiliated with the State of Maryland.  This list is not all inclusive and there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or up to date. Prepared by Paul J. Notarianni in 2016.  

A: Active Case
ACHG: Accounts Receivable Change
ADDL: Additional Paper in District
ADDR: Address Change
ADEL: Accounts Receivable Delete
ADF: Defense Attorney
AKA: Otherwise Known
APA: Panel Attorney
APD: Asst Public Defender
APPL: Appealed
ASA: Asst States’ Attorney
ASP: Prosecuting Attorney (Not ASA)
AWDR: Appeal Withdrawn
B: Bad Check
BAB: Bailbondsman
BALR: Bail Review
BFDA: Bond Forfeiture Satisfied Def.Appeared
BFSA: Bond Forfeiture Satisfied
BFST: Bond Forfeiture Stricken
BF80: Bond Forfeiture- 180 Days
BF90: Bond Forfeiture- 90 Days
BNUM: Batch Number
BOND: Bond Posted
BSET: Bail set on FTA
C: Closed Case
CCDC: Circuit Court Disposition Change
CCHG: Case Date Change
CCNO: Circuit Court Case Number
CCVE: Circuit Court Verdict Entered
CMIT: Committed
CO: Bonding Company
COMM: Clerk’s Comment
CORR: Case/Citation Number Corrected
CSPN: Circuit Court FTA Suspension
CSPR:  Circuit Court Suspension Recall
D: Deliquent Payment Case
DCHG: Disposition Change
DCOM: Docket Comment
DCRG: Disposition-Charge
DDEL: Disposition Delete
DEF: Defendant
DERC: Charge Disposition Error Corrected
DERR: Charge Disposition Error
DFCC: Disposition Forwarded to Circuit Court
DFTA: Disposition Failed to Appear
DOBC: Date of Birth Changed
DJTP: Disposition Jury Trial Prayed
DOCI: Document Issued
DOCS: Document Served
DSUB: Disposition PSI or Sub Curia
DTRL: Disposition Trial
DXTR: Disposition Extradition
ESCH: Event Scheduling Date
EXCA: Expunged Case
EXCG: Expunged Case
EXTN: Extension of DPAY Final Date
F: Deferred Payment Case
FORF: Civil Case Number on Bond Judgement
HELD: Held
HOSP: Committed to Hospital
I: Inactive Case
INAC: Case Inactive
INCP: Incompetency: NCR
INIT: Initial Appearance
INT: Interpreter
INVS: Invalidated Summons
INVW: Invalidated Warrant
JAL: Correctional Facility
JGE: Judge
K: Violation of Probation Case
LICC:Drivers License Change
MAIL: Non-Deliverable Notices
MOTN: Motion for New Trial/Reconsideration
MPRV: Marital Privilege Invoked
NAMC: Defendant Name Change
NOHD: No Home Detention
O: Payment Applied Before Citation Case
OTH: Other Related Witness
P: Appealed Case
PAR: Parent to Defendant
PO: Police Officer
PPTR: Postpone Trial Date
PREL: Preliminary Hearing Held
PRO: Probation Officer
PROB: Probation Conditions
Q: Awaiting Circuit Court Disposition
R: Restircted Case
RCAS: Related Traffic Case
RCON: Release Conditions
REFR: Refund Return
RELS: Released From Commitment
RFCC: FCC Remanded From Circuit Court
RJTP: JTP Remanded From Circuit Court
S: Sub-Curia Case
SCHG: Status Change
SUBC: Sub-Curia
SUMI: Summons Issued
SUMS: Summons Served
SUSP: Failure to Comply Suspension
SUSR: Failure to Comply Sus Recall
T: Probation Case
TCOM: Trial Comment
V: Voided Citation Case
VIOP: Violation of Probation Case
VOID: Case Voided
W: Warrant Case
WARI: Warrant Issued
WARR: Warrant Recalled
WARS: Warrant Served
WID: Witness for Defense
WIS: Witness for State
Z: Case Awaiting Citation Entry

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